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Javelina Football Letterman's Association


The Javelina Football Letterman’s Association was founded in 2021 by 21 letter winners, 1 Honorary Letterman, and 2 past training staff members.  Each founder had the same vision for the future of The Javelina Football Program.  With your support The Javelina Football Letterman’s Association will carry on the tradition and winning spirit of this historic football program.

Founding Members

Clifton L Clemons, Letterman

Oktay Basci, Letterman

Lane Tobola, Letterman

Roberto Garza, Letterman

Todd Perkins, Letterman

Randy Palmer, Letterman

Able Gonzalez, Letterman

Troy Moses, Letterman

Matt Hickl, Letterman

Mike Barrera, Training Staff

Angie Barrera, Training Staff

Ken Perkins, Letterman

Chris Hensley, Letterman

Raymond Hickl, Letterman

Kevin Palmer, Letterman

Brian Randle, Letterman

Lyndon Hamilton, Letterman

Kiah Johnson, Letterman

Richard Rose, Letterman

Mike Salinas, Letterman

James Brown, Letterman

Ed LaTouf, Letterman

Kevin Beasley, Letterman 

Scott Dodds, Honorary Letterman

Javelina Football Letterman's Association

539 Whitetail Dr

AdkinsTX 78101-2774


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